Looking for information on how to join the Southeast USA Genealogy Web Ring?

Southeast USA Genealogy Webring
The Southeast USA Genealogy Web Ring
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Who Can Join?

Any genealogy or history site, event site, museum, society or association, college or university, municipality, or personal home page which offers historical and/or genealogical information about the Southeast United States.

This Webring is a free service designed to promote history and genealogy on the Internet.

How to Join?

Step 1:

  • Click here to create a Web Ring account
  • Click here to join The Southeast USA Genealogy Web Ring
  • Submit your site information.
  • Be sure that the URL you enter is the exact web page where your web ring will be located (typically your home page).
  • Your site will be added to the queue and you will get an immediate confirmation online, including a link which will take you to a webpage where you can copy the HTML code (for the webring navigation bar) that you will need to add to your page.

Step 2:

  • Copy the HTML code for the Web Ring navigation bar, and paste it to your note pad or webpage editor. (Make sure you add the code to the page you've submitted to The Southeast USA Genealogy Web Ring!)
  • Upload the changes to your web page.

Step 3:

  • I will be notified by email that you have requested to join the Web Ring.
  • Once the webring navigation bar is in place, I will add your site to the ring.

Step 4:

  • Watch the traffic to your site increase!!!!